Garage Door Repair

SOS Garage Door Service offers dependable garage door repair in Chino Hills, CA. I offer repair estimates on every service I provide. My goal is to provide exceptional repair service at a fair price when my customers need it most. I am able to achieve that goal because of my unique commitment to customer service. My inventory is stocked with quality replacement parts, and I utilize the best tools of the trade. I have over a decade of experience, and I genuinely care about the customers I serve.


Motor Repair
Spring Repair
Garage Door Cables Repair
Garage Door Hinges Repair

Garage Door Maintenance

SOS Garage Door Service offers impeccable preventative garage door maintenance in Chino Hills, CA. I am a strong believer in preventative maintenance for every garage door system. Many people are astonished to learn how many different problems can be avoided by simply keeping the system well maintained on a regular basis. I offer budget friendly options that go a long way in ensuring that the garage door is always operating at peak performance. My focus is on quality, and I am committed to customer satisfaction.


Garage Door Balancing
Performance Tune-Up
Garage Door Lubrication
Garage Door Safety Inspection
Yearly Inspection (Performance)

Garage Door Replacement

SOS Garage Door Service offers fast and efficient garage door replacement in Chino Hills, CA. I am a highly sought after garage door contractor in my local community because of the excellent services I offer so effectively. Although it is always my intention to repair components, there are times when this is not always the best option. There are situations in which replacing the part with a quality component is the best way to go. I offer outstanding replacement service at a price my customers can afford.


Remote Transmitters
Wireless Keypads

Smart Door Services

With a smart home installation you get a home automation system equipped with technology that allows users to control it wherever and whenever. The smart home services include smart home lighting, entry systems, and garage doors. These services combined make your life simpler by creating a unified home monitoring system that gives users the ability to monitor household functions and conserve energy anywhere at any time.


Set the mood with smart lights
Control the garage door
Keyless entry